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nosy inquisitive eavesdroppers' Journal

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27th March 2008

posir10:28pm: the best quotes recently are coming from my American Radicalism class.

(picture the student - Andrew - as a twentysomething male college kid, and John - the teacher - as a 55-60 year old laid back old hippie with a beer belly and ponytail)

Andrew: *raises hand* You know, John- that new book by Tom Brokaw- The Greatest Generation - that book just really pisses me off. *pause* I didn't read it or anything, but, you know.


Andrew: I just think that your generation needs to, you know, not just pass the burden of "saving the world" or whatever, onto OUR generation. I mean, you have to get off your lazy old asses and help us too.

John: Andrew, we already gave you classic rock. What the fuck else could you possibly want?

Current Mood: amused

14th March 2007

novabird10:16pm: Overheard on route #316
Metro bus in Seattle:
(girl discussing how to get help before an exam over her cellular)
"no, but I really think that you should wear a low-cut shirt. It's what I always do and it absolutely helps."

20th December 2006

phot10:30am: "i wouldn't wish 'em on my enemies.... well, i would wish 'em on my enemies. but i don't have any admitted enemies. no one i would let know that they were my enemy, anyway."

-a co-worker on the other side of the cubicle wall

7th December 2006

sweetscorpion1:45pm: Not Quite Finished
Phone conversation in the office cafeteria lunch room. Apparently she was trying to be secretive…but the giggles kind of give it away.

“….it just didn’t finish. Heh heh…..No, you know, it didn’t exactly FINISH”

Awkward laughter

“umm…I can’t realy say right now…..be more specific in your guessing……no something with a c……..now that is what didn’t finish.”

More giggling

“mmmm hmmmm….I KNOW….hee hee….I really can’t say it right now”

All communicated with the assistance of a cellular device and headset….even though both hands WERE free……..

6th December 2006

rabbit128210:48pm: Drunken Frat Boys
While walking my dog, I overheard the following snippet of argument between two drunken frat boys outside their house:

"Dude, I know you pissed on me. Don't even lie about it."

12th October 2006

phot2:35pm: Girl 1: I like fish. We should eat more fish.
Girl 2: I don't really like fish.
Girl 1: ... I love fish.

8th March 2006

relsqui12:46am: Different people in different cities.
"I need a claymore . . . I'm going hunting."

"It's real earthquake weather today."

27th February 2006

quitcopyingme8:23am: My idiot cousin: "What is brown rice made of? Wheat?"

21st November 2005

phot7:24pm: "and the undergrads are like, 'well, why not? maybe the monster really DOES exist. why can't there be a cyclops?' and i'm like, 'because that's just dumb.'"

grad students are funny.

25th September 2005

phot9:19pm: "so we were on our way to vegas, and we were in our tutus..."

--the most gravelly voiced old lady

23rd September 2005

phot6:23pm: "i don't hate you, i just hate that you exist."


21st September 2005

posir10:53pm: "25th and Hennepin?! There IS no 25th and Hennepin!!"

- A very disgruntled and angry-sounding man, talking to another man, 20 feet from the clearly marked intersection of 25th and Hennepin

7th September 2005

uncle_roasti7:57pm: (on train, near studying teens)
Girl: I don't wanna do my homework!
Girl 2: Oh go on, it will make your children grow.
Girl: But I don't WANT children!
Girl 2: Sorry, I forgot I can't entice you with babies.

29th August 2005

phot11:19pm: munich had a stupid person
me: "samantha and i are looking for some good indian food. we heard there was a good indian restaurant around here."
some stereotypical american named kim: "there are some great turkish places on the next street over!"
me: "... we dont want turkish food, although it is delicious. we want indian."
kim: "oh... there's a difference?"
me: ::sigh:: "yes. there is a difference between turkish food and indian food."
kim: "well, their prinicipal religion is muslim, so they all look the same, anyway."

---no joke, some 17 year old american traveling with her family in munich, where tige and i ended up eating traditional german food, in case you were wondering.

10th July 2005

tomato_chan10:22pm: On the way back home~
Guy: What's our president?
Girl 1 *goes into deep concentration*
Girl 2: Stupid! we're in Canada, we have a prime minister, not a president.
Girl 1: Oh yea. *laughs*
Girl 2: Ok, what's his name?
Girl 1: *blank stare* George bush?

11th July 2005

green_rain12:13am: Me: Hey, what's a really classy and oldfashioned female name?
Scott: *blank stare* Barbara

20th May 2005

phot9:29am: "every day of my life is a fight to the death."

4th May 2005

mahasamadhi6:36pm: "Put your head down and enjoy it!"
[yoga teacher]

5th March 2005

fuckwazawaisuru12:58am: At the grocery store today...
Young couple in the produce section:

Man: Hydroponic tomatoes are on sale.
Woman: What's hydroponic?
Man: Something to do with sound waves I think.

22nd January 2005

green_rain6:06pm: Today after dinner:
"There's something on this spoon that's sharp, and when I lick it, it cuts my tounge."
posir4:04am: "Ew! I want a squeegee for my mental window!"

4th January 2005

embryomystic7:43pm: [Homeless kids on the library computers, being pretty quiet for once.]

"So what's your zodiac sign anyways?"
"That's a pretty cool sign."

14th December 2004

novabird6:34pm: "I've started writing part of my life story."

"That's cool. Are you excited about it?"

"I don't know, I'm at the really depressing part right now."

"Oh. Well...you should make that part really short, then."

Current Mood: exhausted

7th December 2004

engulfed11:25pm: girl: "what's he doing, dancing?"
boy: "hackysack."
girl 2: "hackysack? that's, like, a place in new jersey!"

5th December 2004

green_rain8:12pm: Tonight during supper
mom: what was church about tonight?
Todd: gay people
mom: really?
dad: ya know, i saw some smooching last night
me: ya don't say
mom: was it really about gay people?
Todd: no.
mom: what was it about?
Todd: mentors and stuff
mom: you know it's so hard to find a mentor, i could never find one, and so finally i just gave up....
Todd: I liked it better when she thought the service was about gay people.
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